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Marcin Wyszomirski


"The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it"
- Henry David Thoreau


I have been interested in interior design since my childhood. As a little kid I was spending hours reading books on architecture and looking at interior design albums. Growing up in Europe and travelling across the continent and the globe strongly influenced me and quickly made me realize the Interior Design is my passion and that it it what I wanna do in my life.


I love contemporary and colonial styles, yet I can stll appreciate a nice modern, industrial or scandinavian space. I think designing is not only selecting colours or placing objects. I focus on every single detail because I believe even little things are important - from a pretty door handle, to a curtain cuff lined with the height of the floor skirting... :)


I design custom furniture and art as well as upholstery and window treatments. I always try to create interiors which are not only practical and beautiful, but above all timeless. Interiors that reflects their inhabitants, their plans and dreams.


At Marcin Wyszomirski Design we provide full service interior design & interior decoration for residential and boutique commercial clients. We work on projects large and small and are happy to discuss how our skills and services fit your project's unique needs and requirements.

Services offered include: new floorplan advising, space planning, paint and wall covering consultation, kitchen & bath design, custom furniture and cabinetry design, production and construction documents, construction administration, furniture, fixture and decorative accessories selections, product purchasing cooperation.

Since every one of us has different needs and every interior vary we have an individual approach to each client. Contact us to schedule a meeting or ask for a quote on your project, whether it's a consultation or full-service design.

Feel free to contact me for further info and follow me on my Facebook page and Instagram profile, and check my Portfolio.

Living Room Sketch
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